About - Chef Matt
Chef Matt teaches Clean Cooking of California Cuisine that is Paleo, Anti-Inflammatory, and for Gut Flora health.
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Who I am and what I do…

Food is Life; so I’m cooking my way through it.

Chef Matt Profile

I grew up on the beach in Southern California, where surfing and eating tacos after a surf session is the ritual way of life. I’m from a family were no one cooks, so the best food I ever experienced was in restaurants. I was always perplexed why food didn’t taste as good at home; so I started cooking for my family at age 8, and replicated dishes from my favorite restaurants. The first meal I cooked was Egg Rolls, Broccoli Beef, and Grasshopper Pie. I’ve always loved Mexican and all styles of Asian cuisine; which we are blessed with in abundance here in So Cal.

My palate developed at a young age with a deep interest in the complex flavors of Pacific Rim cuisine. It wasn’t until I traveled Europe after graduating college, that I expanded my taste into the finer cuisines of French, Spanish, and “true” Italian. In all my life, there was never a food I wasn’t afraid to try; and that has proven to be critical in developing my diverse palate.

Inspired by French cuisine, I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena in 2004 and graduate at the top of my class. It was the best time I ever had in my whole life. The amount of useful and practical information I learned was exhilarating and motivating. While I was still in school I began teaching cooking at Hipcooks in Los Angeles to spread my love of culinary wisdom. I’ve continued to teach to this day, and it has been the most rewarding part of being a chef.

In addition to culinary instruction, I cater and work as a private chef. This is where I earned my 10,000 hours working, while honing my skills, developing my craft, and cultivating my style. I’ve also worked for a wide variety of chefs in catering operations and restaurants and have learned many valuable techniques.

I eventually fell into a rhythm and a style of cooking that is all me and straight out Southern California. Here we have access to the best variety of produce year round; so it was natural to follow the seasons and shop exclusively at Farmer’s Markets. Having a seasonal sourcing discipline gave me boundaries and taught me to cook with restraint. Through execution of perfect technique I learned to let the natural flavor of ingredients at their peak, speak for themselves.

As a result, I became a Southern Californian Farm to Table Chef. In other words, I cook seasonal farm fresh fusion cuisine, using local ingredients; which lend themselves to flavor profiles of the Pacific Rim and Mediterranean; which is healthy and delicious.

I specialize in my own style of  Paleo, Anti-Inflammatory / Clean Eating / Microbiome / Gut Flora,  Pescatarian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines.


I’m a yogi of 20 years


I grew up on the beach in Southern California; so surfing is a way of life.


Been cooking for my family since I was a kid, because no one else in my family could cook.


Playing an instrument is one of the most creative expressions of self, next to cooking of course 😉